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Secret Canyon Description

Secret Canyon is a long canyon in the dry creek area that gets that remains a secret because of it's difficult access. The drive to the trailhead is very rough and only possible in a high clearance vehicle with four wheel drive. From the trailhead it is approximately two miles to get to the actual start of the canyon or what feels like a canyon. Hike for another mile on an somewhat easy to follow trail and feel the walls close in on you until it is 20 feet from wide. At about this point or three miles in, the trail is difficult to find and in late summer heavy with poison ivy. This is where the adventure begins if you so choose.
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Justin -

Secret Canyon Trail is one of the quietest trails in the Sedona area. It has great views of the Red Rock. I'm not sure how far the 'trail' actually goes. I stopped this last summer at a thick poison ivy patch after the canyon had narrowed to under 20 feet. A great hike if you can get there.

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