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Long Canyon Description

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Long Canyon is only open to bikes until the wilderness boundary which is just after the intersection with Deadman's Pass Trail.
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Siphiwe -

Thanks for stopping by for your cmteonms Katya Erica Karen! karma1221 I see deer all the time (often in the yard) but most of my deer photos are taken during wilderness backpacking trips and last year (2008) wasn't able to do much backpacking because of all the wildfires. In fact from late June until early Sept. most of the wilderness areas around here were closed 2008 was the worst wild fire season in Trinity County history. This year, however, I have high hopes hope to get a number of backpacking trips in and with luck have lots of wildlife encounters and photo opps..

Mark P. -

The site has great trail listings, but none of the maps show the actual trail. I'm sure the location is right, but there's no trail overlay. Makes it sort of useless?
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