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Devils Bridge Description

Devil's Bridge Trail is a popular destination for hikers in Sedona. The short trail heads up to a well known arch or bridge that you can safely walk on or under.

When you get near Devil's Bridge there will be a split in the trail. One will continue straight and with little climbing; this is the trail to take you under the bridge. The other trail climbs steeply to the right and takes you up on top of the arch.

TRAIL ACCESS(READ THIS): Getting to the trailhead for Devil's Bridge is difficult and I recommend a high clearance vehicle. Otherwise, expect to walk the road or take ChuckWagon Trail which parallels Vultee Arch Road(152) and connects with Devil's Bridge Trail.
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Justin -

Easy, short hike from the trailhead; Rough, difficult road from pavement to the trailhead...

Justin -

Vultee Arch Rd is not paved... and it gets rougher every time I drive it

Theresa -

An easy access point is to go Long Canyon Road (it is a T intersection with Boyton Canyon to the left). Make a right and park at the first parking lot you come to on the right. Parking is free. You'll see a sign directing you to Devils Bridge. You'll be on Chuckwagon trail for most of it. This is an easy hike to take you to the steep steps up to the Bridge.
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