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Hiker -

Great views of Sedona. Take the split to the overlook when you get to the top saddle.

Aiba -

What a coincidence! Same name same proisesfon! Love your music, just fooling around with fone. Never thought I would find this! The third song on these samples was one of the songs I learned at 14 15. Been playing since five in my very early fifties now. Made my day!

Matt -

Hey David,Interesting post. There are a lot of methods and tchaeings about how to program your SM and see some serious changes within and also outside. Only through testing and direct experience we can see what really works for us.Negative feelings or thoughts have power as long as you believe in them. Yet, positive and negative are part of the same coin: us. They don't exist one without the other.So, I believe that accepting our imperfections and the existing negativity within as part of the process, is the first step for a positive change.If we can accept ourselves first it becomes easy to accept others and improve their lives too Thanks for sharing,RaduRadu recently posted..

Ademilton -

Morning Suzanne, I am so JEALOUS, It looks so beautiful. I rellay want to go to go to the grand canyon and yellowstone. Opps did I give it away of where you will be going? Have a safe trip north, it will get a lot cooler. Take lots of pictures. I hear you are meeting lots of interesting people. Mom and Sue seem pretty interested in that. I guess that is a mother's mission. Personally, I am more interested in the pictures. Keep safe, Love ya, Michele
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