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Raymond -

James. Good points as well. I do feel there are also a nuembr of coaches in the CrossFit community who certainly do know what they are talking about, Coach Burgener for example. I will say that a lot of what I've seen in CrossFit myself I don't like. Often people sacrifice form for capacity and that's something I don't agree with. I always try and concentrate on proper form when doing workouts. Personally I've also added additional strength work into the daily WOD where I feel it fits as I believe there is not enough strength work in the program.Maybe there are better options but haven't there been a nuembr of elite level athletes that have seen great success, and more gains from CrossFit over other training principles, and doesn't it produce a pretty high level athlete, given your willing to put the work in. The guys at the CrossFit games seem to be pretty fit in a very wide range of activities, and I know the likes of ski racers, mma fighters, and others have found great success with CrossFit based training. I train BJJ and I know personally that the MMA community uses more or less CrossFit style training for most of their strength and conditioning and I would certainly consider those guys and the few gals pretty well rounded athletes.CrossFit certainly has designed it's own principles, and while I think the MTB program is great, I also think the CrossFit program is great, and I personally feel it's a bit hard to say that is essentially a terrible program. November 19 at 11:01 am

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