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Diego -

Hey Steve,You need to search for your reapeclable derailleur hanger by bike frame, not derailleur model. The hanger is made to suit the unique design of your drive-side drop-out, and it's design includes the universal rear derailleur internal thread.Cheers!

Marisol -

The guys at RMB headquarters let me in on a few facts about this frame. Two which I find are most instreeting. Firstly that there are currently a grand total of ZERO breakages on any carbon Vertex frames. Secondly it is laterally much stiffer than big name' competitors, and has much better vertical compliance. Anaemic rear triangle? 5 seconds in the parking lot will remove that idea from your mind.Try this idea for some hardcore lightness: a Stans Crest 29r can be swapped straight out with the DT XR400 you save nearly half a pound (470g vs 380g) then you run the factory Ikons tubeless with no strips (since you have the Stan's rim) and save another 340g tapping under 20lb easy for a couple hundred bucks!

Maelys -

Very nice too bad the rear triangle looks ameinc compared to the rest of the bike. Hope the 142mm rear will make up for some of that. Obviously they jumped on the bad bandwagon for flex rear triangle, with Scott, Orbea alma 29, Cannondale, etc.Too bad. I would have ordered a frame right away if it was a real hardtail.Such as the Niner Air9 carbon.
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