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Jacks Canyon Description

This trail begins from the Village of Oak Creek and goes up into Jack's Canyon.

The first thing you will notice hiking this trail is the recently burnt desert and impacts from cattle. It is not pretty.

After a mile or two, you will lose site of the Village of Oak Creek and start to get to where the Ponderosa and other large trees begin. From here on out, the trail is little used and difficult. There will be trees down and some very steep loose sections.

Eventually the trail will make it to a saddle and junction with Munds Mountain Trail. This is a great viewpoint.
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Justin -

Jack's Canyon trail has some of the worst erosion I have ever seen on a hiking trail.

Onur -

Rising from the depths of this seacrd river, I walked into Child Protection Services this morning in Santa Fe, six years after retirement. I found myself eschewing statements of Never again as I volunteered to teach Mandated Reporting. No old fight here, I am called to fill the gaps of ignorance and violence with Love. They may think they are receiving information. I know better and am grateful for that knowing.

Jon Nicholson -

Tons of snakes. Great remote trail though. Cell signal only good for 1st 2 miles.
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