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Maude -

Hi Neal,So glad you are enjoying the cams. We strtead running them as a hobby four years ago.So that seemed to work out well for both of us! We have some viewers over at Facebookthat like to post pictures and what they have seen on the trail.. Have a great evening!James CandacePillager (Central) Minnesota

Ksenia -

wasa0a longer set today, in ppioaratern of Friday night.a0 Here are the songs I played today, in case you were walking by and heard a song which you just

Jacqueline -

if the problem is in the dicthes those are not ATV trails so we cannot grade them but they will take a look at the area by the Thaines Malone. Trails from the County line toward McGrath are maintained by Aitkin County so we will let them know of your concerns.
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