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Jordan Description

Jordan Trail goes from the Devil's Kitchen Sinkhole to the Jim Thompson Trailhead. The west part of the route feels more natural than the east part which follows the powerlines.

Access is from Soldier's Pass Trailhead or Jim Thompson Trailhead.
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Prince -

Adam--what are you using for a running light? I have been using a Petzl Myo XP Belt for the last few years, and it works pttrey well. 85 lumens, flood or spot capabilities. I am curious if you have found something lightweight and powerful that you swear by.Also, I met up with Brian Bird over Christmas, he is my wife's cousin. He mentioned to me that he knew you from UBC Law. I told him that I knew of you from Movescount. Not nearly as cool as saying that I went to law school with you. ;) Cheers,Josh

Samo -

Looks gorgeous! Julia and I never made it to that park. Are fatiorve park has been , though it is quite busy.I would be surprised if Flickr does not have geotagging before the end of the year. There are at least a few other sites mashing geotagging with Flickr.
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