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Moldyr -

I am enjoying the very dgiuehtfll Brown Creeper the last few days.The rabbits (Cotton Tails) are out at night and the Flying Squirrel is also active at night. Hopefully the Barred Owl will make an appearance one of these nights, its a very beautiful bird.We appreciate your hard work and kindness on the Deer Trail.Thank you!Happy Holidays!

Afraz -

is my last weekend to be able to prtciace and learn some new songs for next Friday. So I spent longer (an hour and three quarters) under the bridge this afternoon and still had four

Serkan -

Hi Folks thanks for whcnaitg. Like the THE WHO i like my music LOUD´╗┐ but i recommend you lower the volume on your speakers before starting video. For some reason it went full blast when i made the video and i thought i was way lower.Anyway thanks to those who commented, most seem to like my video and i will make more soon.
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