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Chophel -

Thanks for taking my conemmts well, after I posted them I realized they may have sounded a bit harsh and that not everyone realizes the history behind CrossFit and why I feel that flying their banner is hurting the overall cause of fitness training. Here are a couple of quick points - Just like you mentioned, few people really follow the true CrossFit program. Just like you have added in more strength work and other athletes have tweaked the programs to fit their needs, there are some holes in their programs. If you modify their stuff, are you really following CrossFit or are you learning from it?- Their quality control is pretty poor. They will grant a frnachise tag to anyone who has the money, their certification is granted to everyone who puts down the money and shows up (no test involved). While they may have had some great coaches involved in the beginning, as $$$ started to rule the show a lot of them have left. The standard CrossFit facility is not as good as it was a few years back and they don't seem to really care.- Their emphasis on work capacity at the expense of form is kind of scary and sends the wrong message to newbies. I've had several ex-CrossFitters come into my facility and I am shocked at what they were doing. For example, I just had a guy come in with a really bad squat pattern, bad shoulder mobility and bad hip mobility. Despite this he was being asked to snatch, overhead squat and to back squats. He had no business doing any of these movements yet because they were part of the Workout of the Day he was doing them, no questions asked. This is not programming and coaching, it is simply blindly following the workouts.- Their handling of the whole situation with the guy who contracted Rabdo was appalling. This guy was severely hurt as a result of one of their franchisees and their reaction was to post videos of kids doing the workout and turning the whole thing into a joke, complete with t-shirts for them to sale.When you fly their flag you are endorsing all of this stuff and every video on YouTube with the horrendous form and bad coaching. There are certainly good aspect to the program but when you say you follow CrossFit you are signing on with a group that has a pretty bad track record in several areas. I know that you are smarter than that which is why I hope you see my point and change your view from following CrossFit to learning from it and adapting some of their stuff to what suits you. We just don't need to support their cause as it is not as noble as they make it out to be. November 20 at 10:07 am

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