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Stella -

I hope our little ribbat stays in his hidey-hole out came the little bunny. Now, I know the owl has to make his living just like the ribbat, but I really didn't want to watch, but watch I did. I expected the owl to take the ribbat at any time, but he just sat there still as a statue. Buggs just hopped around free as you please. The owl continued to sit, unmoving. I watched until I convinced myself that this owl was either sleeping or was a fake one! The ribbat appeared to go under the table and I thought this was it for him, but the owl still sat still. In the morning, the owl was gone-he must have been an owl who already had his dinner, or was sleeping.I can't wait to see him and the ribbat again, but not at the same time.

Kumiko -

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Netto -

Well thank you for the information! Why is it that I can pour over all these glass books for the parettn and never find the one I'm looking for and you can just retain all this stuff in your head? LOL Thank you also for your condolences. I'm going to have LOTS of stories on our search for our next fur baby )
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