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Boncuk -

Haven't posted here in a while, just a colpue thoughts. I started bodybuilding training 4 years ago, did the MTB program this past winter, and switched to CrossFit in August. I can say I've never been fitter over a wide range of activities including cycling. While I do agree the MTB program is awesome and probably the best option for mountain biking, how many people are actually at a level that MTBing is there sole focus/sport/all they care about. While I don't race much anymore (I'd love to but can't afford it), i do hold a pro license, and in my one race back this summer after 2 years off I finished 15th with a so so run, out of I believe 45 riders, in a very competitive East Coast pro class. I definitely attribute some of this to James program, but even at the level I'm at no way do I consider I need an MTB specific program as I still like to engage in a number of other activities. I can say since going on CrossFit I haven't lost any of the capabilities I gained on the MTB program and have only improved them along with other exercises (huge improvement in bodyweight). As far as being always sore I think a large part of that is nutrition which many people overlook. I can say since I've been on a Paleo diet (about 40 days now) I feel amazing. So certainly not putting down the MTB program I thought it was great, but I don't think that because you mountain bike you should be on a mountain bike specific training program. I suppose if it is your only sport then that's great but for people who engage in a wide variety of sports/activities I feel there are better options. This is my view based off of the using the bodybuilding routines, the MTB strength system, and now CrossFit. And yes I'm definitely defending CrossFit as I certainly don't think it is a poor program which seems to be the consensus over here. I suppose it all comes down to your goals, and for me and avid mountain biker and wanted to be stronger in other aspects as I do partake in other activities. Lastly I'll say I haven't been brain washed by any CrossFit trainers, etc. I don't have an affiliate in the area, and do my training on my own, following the main site. Just a few thoughts. November 18 at 9:39 pm

humblehiker -

No one cares about you and your exercise routine. People want to research the trails, period.

Avidhiker -

Who is this "come mierda" Boncuk?
If i want to learn about your exercise routine I'll turn on Sponge Bob.
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