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Open -

I am totally addctied to watching your cameras!!! It is so awesome to see. I have bad arthritis and can't get around too well so I sit and watch the cameras every night now. I can't thank you enough!!! I work 3 days a week and am so worn out when I get home it is hard to do anything. I don't watch much tv so I am glad to have something good to watch now!God Bless you!

Luke -

The Mountain Dew Nail is the bomb. I would like to know if these are printed on or panited Props to whomever came up with this idea .Not only that, but I can not find another Mountain Dew design anywhere on the net .I found this site by accident trying to find a Mountain Dew nail tutorial..This is my favorite nail art design and I don't know how to do it..Anyone? simplyneatdesigns@gmail.com

David -

There is an alternative aopcparh as I have heard this argument many times over. How about giving your business users tools to prototype and design their own applications first before talking with developers? Technology is getting close to point and click and end (business users) are now able to make their own applications with tools such as Oracle Application Express. As a business user, I often find few "partners" in the IT world. And it is most efficient for me to prototype or practice my ideas first.
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