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Zikhona -

Heya Bryon!First off, thanks for renadig the blog! I bought your book and it's fantastic. Congratulations!Given the snowpack this year, I'm sort of surprised that nobody is talking about what's going to happen to the 2011 racing season. Seems me to me that at the very least, it's going to change the game considerably at Western States, TRT100 and maybe even Hardrock. (Though I just checked the snow report on the Hardrock course and it isn't as crazy-deep as I thought it would be.) I know Karl has had to reschedule the Speedgoat once already because of snow and it doesn't seem outside the realm of possibility that he'd have to do it again. Should be interesting to watch at any rate.Cheers!

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Brian -

Found a set of car keys on the Airport loop trail on 12/24/16 Early AM.
They can be claimed at the front desk of the Sky Ranch Lodge.
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