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Kenneth -

Thanks for taking the time to post. While you make some initnesetrg points, I still stand by the statement that CrossFit doesn't hold up to any of the training principles I mentioned. They are a 1 size fits all approach to fitness that uses principles they made up to create their workouts. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason from one day to the next what you do and what the intended goal is. They are also responsible for a lot of injuries and all in all they are a bad organization. They have driven out guys like Mark Ripetoe, Dan John and the Gym Jones crew. No good strength coach uses or recommends their program. All in all they are not a good choice. However, they are free, make you feel like you worked hard and use a lot of cool exercises so they will continue to be popular for a while.And I disagree with that you have to be super serious about mountain biking to want to use a program geared toward riding. If you are going to drop $2000+ on a bike I'd say you are serious enough to want to get the most out of it during your trail time. No, not everyone eats, sleeps and breathes riding like I do but the truth is my program would work for just about any sport as I have gotten countless e-mails from people commenting on how it helped them in a wide variety of sports. What I would do with a mountain biker is 90% the same thing I'd do with any athlete as the idea is to address the human first, the athlete second. November 19 at 8:15 am

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