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Mariyam -

3 years of Crossfit.355lb deadlift at 145lbs bwieoydght, 160lb press, 5:05 mile, top 20 50k ultramarathon finish (run), cat 1 mountain bike racer (started racing again last year after 10 years off). I've trained with excellent Crossfit coaches and I've trained with those that shouldn't be there. These days I combine a mix of Crossfit/CrossfitEndurance with my own programming (and lots of riding in the woods since thats what I love the most). I've been doing this long enough to know what works.When you argue that most dont follow the Crossfit program , you misunderstand Crossfit.Crossfit is defined as constantly varied, functional movements done at high intensity Crossfit is not simply the workout of the day you see on Crossfit.com unlike p90x, there is no one path to follow.Your statement about Crossfit quality control is correct the more boxes' opening up, the higher potential for less than optimal coaches and training. But please keep in mind that Crossfit is not an franchise. It's serves as an affiliate system. CF is still a business you're trying to run one yourself. Their emphasis on work capacity at the expense of form is kind of scary and sends the wrong message to newbies. Here you're generalizing again. Find literature on Crossfit.com that states form should be compromised at the expense of work capacity. It's not there. Your statement does, however, tie into the one above about trainers who shouldn't be trainers in the first place (quality control). Those are the ones to blame for all those youtube videos with shitty form not the system itself. You also bring up (several times) that you cant overload a movement if the workouts are never the same, therefore violating a fundamental training principle. Listen while the workouts are constantly varied, the movements used in them are not. Crossfit workouts are built on scaling (up or down): I'll deadlift heavy several times a month over varied WoDs and increase my weight as often as possible. Two or three times a month I'll opt to do a heavy' day of 3 3 or 5x5RM deadlifts/squats/etc with the intention of lifting heavier than last time. There's your overloading. These workouts are not as random as you make them out to be. We just don’t need to support their cause as it is not as noble as they make it out to be. I realize you may not see eye to eye with all things Crossfit which is fine but you come off as very bitter. Something else bothering you?I had wanted to enjoy your site. But your attitude in this podcast is off-putting. February 10 at 12:30 am
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