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Cam -

Great trail!

Silvoney -

and I enjoy watching very much. Especiallylike to watch just after your feeidng time when all of the animals and birdsgather to see what you have left. Now, a serious matter. For the past fewnights, we have seen a large buck appear, healthy but in obvious distress.It appears he has either a broken right leg or a dislocated knee on the rightleg. I am wondering if your wildlife people in the area could come in, dart himand get the leg repaired it would give him a better chance against the huntersand relieve his suffering.Again, thank you for your cameras and we will continue to enjoy them.Ray and Gertrud ColbertEl Paso, Tx

Raihan -

i love items whose colours range beteewn two shades! it's often so much more interesting in my opinion - blue&purple, grey&black, white&cream and so on :)xx,franzi

Gilson -

Sorry I suck at life and I haven't visited you ltleay. Hiking the Appalachian Trail is on my list as well. There's no way in hell I could do the whole thing but I would like to do a nice chunk of it.
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